3 Mobile DIY Workshop Parties Ideal For Wedding Showers

Wedding showers provide an ideal way to celebrate an upcoming wedding and bond with the people in your wedding party. As you plan a shower, you can give back to all of the people who decide to give to you and your partner. Add an interactive theme for the party that can turn into decor and crafts ideal for a wedding.

Check out some of the mobile DIY workshop parties that can serve as an ideal activity for a wedding shower and help transition right into the wedding festivities.

1. Table Centerpieces

When you select a craft ideal for a wedding shower, you may want to focus on the table centerpieces for your wedding reception. A table centerpiece can provide a nice elegant way to decorate guest tables and will offer a personal connection when family and friends actually get to make the centerpieces themselves.

The table centerpiece designs can include a wide range of decorative elements. For example, you could create custom pottery or glass pieces. The workshop you choose may include paintings or crafts made with mixed materials. You could choose a theme where everyone creates the same style centerpiece or stick with a more basic theme like colors.

2. Picture Frames & Artwork

Many weddings will feature photo tables that showcase pictures of the couple and family members who could not attend for different reasons. You can make the photo table look even more special with the use of custom picture frames and artwork to put on display. A DIY workshop party may include the option to make custom picture frames.

The picture frames could use custom paint applications or more advanced crafts like decoupage. Choose a package that can fit everyone's talents.

3. Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a big part of weddings and you can use a wedding shower to help make some of the floral arrangements for the festivities. You could have your bridal party make their own flower arrangements if they plan on holding them for the ceremony. You could all make flower arrangements and craft designs that will decorate wedding venues and reception halls.

The floral arrangements can include a number of craft elements like real flowers, faux flowers, or paper crafts transformed to look like flowers. Play around with different ideas and truly make the arrangements a unique part of your wedding experience.

Plan out your wedding shower with DIY workshops and completely transform the experience for everyone involved.

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