3 Wedding Arches To Rent

A wedding arch can go a long way toward increasing the visual appeal of your wedding ceremony. Whether you're having an outdoor or indoor ceremony, you may want to think about including an arch. Instead of attempting to make one or buy one, a good alternative is to rent one. Wedding decoration rental companies commonly have a large inventory of arches. You can browse a wedding rentals website to check out the various designs, and then choose one that will suit how you envision your wedding. Here are three wedding arches that you can often find for rent.


Wooden wedding arches are common, and you may feel that the natural look of this material will be the right fit for your outdoor or indoor ceremony. Wooden arches can appear in all sorts of different styles. Some have a thick design, which offers stability, while others are thinner and have a lighter look. You'll find wooden arches that are made of unfinished wood, others that are stained, and others that are painted. Some people decide to choose a look that matches their rented chairs. For example, if you're going to be renting wooden chairs that are stained in a reddish-brown hue, you might wish to rent a similar type of wooden arch.


You'll likely also see various metal wedding arches available for rent. These arches often have a thin design and are available in many shapes. Some of these arches have a matte finish, while others are shinier. While you could theoretically use a metal wedding arch on its own, many people adorn this type of arch with a variety of decorative elements. Strings of lights, for example, can be a good addition when wrapped around a metal wedding arch. Lights wrapped around a shiny metal arch can offer a sparkly, magical look for your special day.


Many wedding decoration rental companies also have vinyl wedding arches. These arches have a few advantages — namely, they're often more affordable than other options and they're typically light in weight, too. Their lightweight nature can make these arches easy to set up if you're doing this work yourself. You'll find that a lot of vinyl wedding arches are white in color. From a distance, they'll often look like painted wood. Visit a wedding decoration rental company's website to look at images and pricing information about these and other types of wedding arches available for rent.

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